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Bob Hughes

"The One Man Band"




Musical Artists Talking About Bob's Artistry

We'll Meet Again CD Testimonials


  • "Christi and I have been listening to it everyday since it arrived. One of your best yet!"          Pedro Osorio, Austin TX

  • "Loved the CD--thanks." Love,    Lou. Ashland, MA

  • "I listened to your CD last night, some songs 3x, I loved it!  Your Cd is just as terrific as        you are in person, I'll enjoy it for years to come"     Nancy Levengood, DE

  • "Wow!!!!!!!! Incredible...What a Talent.....I want one copy" Julio Larregoity Musician              From PR

  • "The CD was fantastic. Just about your best yet. In fact, I just may buy another (for my        car)."    Bob Klein, DE

  • "I received your CD today. Nice job. It was a pleasure to listen! Keep up the great work."       Donny Pesce, (musician) NJ

  • " I played it through 4 times, as soon as I got it."    Don Smith, O.C., MD

  • "GREAT"    Charlotte Thomas, Westport Mass.

  • "I am absolutely crazy about your C D"    Tom Mobley,(musician/singer/song writer) FL

"Memories" CD Testimonials 

  • "Your Best Yet"    Charlotte Thomas, Westport, MA. 

  • "Great CD ! My wife loves it...she says its put together well."   Jim Wanserski WI

  • " We sure enjoy your CD!!"    Bob and Stella Klein, Millsboro, DE

Siggi Raskop,  an accomplished musician from Hamm Germany, writes...


"I know, Michael Buble' is a great Singer and I am pleased that it seems to give a Comeback with the old (and i hope new) Swing Songs.  But I am convinced Bob.....if you had so a great Big Band and the world best Studios in your Back, you could sing it exactly (I think better) than Buble'.  Can be, you really don't know what you are for a Great Singer.  For me self, you are one of the best Singers I ever heard...and that is not alone my single Opinion.  We know, not alone the universally known Singer are alone the best of the World.  It gives a lot of very good Talents in the upper Entertainment Scene.  But unfortunately not everyone got the Chance to come on the Top. I am left a Bob Hughes Fan"


Peter Raskop, the above Siggi's brother -- also an accomplished musician from Germany, writes...


"Hi Bob, i've heard the Song that you send to Siggi. I could not close my mouth, it is WORLD CLASS. Thats what i ever sayed to Siggi , Bob must have a Big Band in his Back. A question - who is Frank Sinatra - you're better."


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